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Focus Technology Inc New products - Monday, January 26, 2009 at 09:55

FTI introduces new Multifinsh Drag Finishing technology to the Southeast.

As a vendor for precision parts we have come to understand the requirements for part finishing are becoming more critical to the functionality of many components like never before. Multifinish has perfected the Drag Finishing process so that the benefits to the end users are numerous:

         Simple to use extremely repeatable less operator influence

         Extremely short process times

         Inside and outside polishing and deburring frequently possible

         High-precision chamfering

         No damage to your work pieces, because the parts do not touch

         Highly effective and efficient due to the shorter processes times

         Rapid retrofitting of clamping devices allows for several different batches to be processed

         Time and cost savings due to simple handling technology

         Maximum flexibility

         Short setup times

         Cool Process Maintains a superior structural integrity of critical components

 FTI has researched this technology to introduce to its cliental manufacturing Turbine Blades, Cutting tools, punches, bone implants, small components for the automotive industry, medical components, gears, racing components, hydraulics, plumbing, etc.



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